In a new step towards further developing the marketing process, the Qatar Stars League (QSL) and Ooredoo, the leading telecommunications company in Qatar, signed a contract to sponsor the league championship, according to which the official name will be ‘Ooredoo Stars League’ in the new season (2024-2025).
This agreement was announced at a press conference on Tuesday in the presence of Sheikh Ali bin Jabor al-Thani, CEO of Ooredoo Qatar and Jassim bin Rashid al-Buenain, President of Qatar Football Association and QSL, a number of officials from both entities and representatives of media outlets.
On the occasion, al-Buenain said, “At the beginning, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to Ooredoo Company, its Board of Directors and all officials and staff for continuing their co-operation and support for QSL and Qatar football. Today, we’re pleased to announce the signing of the sponsorship agreement. Accordingly, the official title will be ‘Ooredoo Stars League’ in the new football season. We’re proud of this strategic partnership with one of the largest companies in the region and the world, the pioneer of communications in Qatar. We’re proud of its many great successes and its role in supporting sports and athletes.”
The QSL president added, “We also confirm that this step comes in line with our vision to continue the development process for Qatar’s professional football and the league championship at all organisational and technical levels and will have a positive impact on the competitions and the tournament in general. We look forward to achieve all our goals and aspirations. We wish both entities every success and hope to make the best use of this partnership.”
Sheikh Ali stated that the signing of this historic agreement with QSL represented an important step towards enhancing the Qatar National Vision in the field of sports.
He mentioned that Ooredoo’s sponsorship of QSL signifies “our strong commitment to develop sports and support talents. It’s an opportunity for us to contribute towards building a bright future for sports in general and football in particular”.
He added, “This partnership with QSL comes in line with our continuous efforts to achieve our goals and contribute to the development of sports, especially after the recent achievements in football. We look forward to working together to achieve new and distinguished successes, as our partnership with QSL extends for years. It has a long history, starting with the Ooredoo Cup to the Hayakum Malaab (Welcome To The Stadium) initiative last season, which contributed to attracting fans, leading to the great popularity of the league.”
He concluded his statement by expressing his deep gratitude to everyone at QSL for the efforts and to all parties involved in this partnership. He prayed for success and excellence for all in this endeavour.
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