Qatar University’s (QU) Young Scientists Centre (YSC) organised Summer Research Internship Programme (SRIP) 2024 with the participation of 650 students over three weeks. The participants engaged in 82 interdisciplinary internship projects spanning various fields such as artificial intelligence, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, nanotechnology, smart materials, IoT-based technologies, healthcare innovations, and more.

The scholarly impacts of these endeavours will manifest through scientific posters, research papers, and reports. These contributions will undergo rigourous review and recognised as distinguished achievements of SRIP 2024 in September at a special event.

This year, internship projects were driven by the leading scientists and researchers from 13 research centres and eight QU colleges at fully-fledged laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. In addition, four external projects were also offered by organisations in Qatar. Prof Noora al-Thani, director of the YSC said: “The internship projects, spanning multiple disciplines, provide modern and meaningful input towards the nation's sustainable growth and encourage students to explore opportunities that showcase their knowledge, competencies, and mindsets in the forthcoming job market and higher education institutions.”
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