More than 2,000 participants from various nationalities joined a public event Friday evening at the Asian Town Cricket Stadium to mark the 10th UN International Day of Yoga.

The event was arranged by the Indian embassy in collaboration with Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) and Indian Sports Centre (ISC).

Indian ambassador Vipul and officials of ICC and ISC led the event.

Indian embassy first secretary Sachin Dinkar Shankpal, ICC president A P Manikantan, ISC president E P Abdulrahman and other community leaders were present.

The main element of the event was the performance of Common Yoga Protocol by all participants for about 40 minutes, yoga competitions for both children and adults, and a yoga quiz.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, the Indian envoy had noted that this year's theme for the International Yoga Day, *Yoga for Self and Society, emphasises the holistic benefits of yoga for individuals and its power to foster harmony between humanity and nature.

The previous editions of the event in Qatar, since 2015, have been highly successful and have drawn the attention of the international community.

The UN proclaimed June 21 as the International Day of Yoga by a resolution which was proposed by India and co-sponsored by a record 177 member states in December 2014.

Over the past few years, the day has been celebrated with great fanfare across the world, including in Doha.

In 2022, for the celebration of 8th International Yoga Day, an event was organised in Doha where 114 nationalities were represented and a new Guinness World Record was created for the most nationalities in one yoga session.
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