The Fire Station: Artist in Residence (AIR) provides an opportunity for Qatar residents and visitors to explore two unique exhibitions this summer by established and emerging artists in Doha.

'Neighbours of the Sea', which opened on June 5 and on view until August 17 at Gallery 3, features the works of two celebrated pioneers of fine art in Qatar, Wafika Sultan al-Essa and Hassan al-Mulla. More than 30 mixed-media paintings, some created during their residency at the Fire Station Ruwad in Residence (2021-2023), are on display.

According to Qatar Museums (QM), this stunning exhibition showcases the distinctive bond between Qatari society and its surrounding landscape, a harmonious fusion of desert and sea.

The artwork explores the social, cultural, environmental, and urban aspects of Qatar's journey, offering viewers a glimpse into the country's history and essence. Through a compelling lens of social, cultural, environmental, and urban themes, these artworks paint a vivid picture of Qatar’s evolution. They offer viewers a unique perspective on the country’s rich history and enduring spirit.

QM noted that al-Essa, one of Qatar’s first female professional artists, is a founding member of the Qatar Fine Arts Association and has exhibited her work internationally in Kuwait, London, Paris, and Tunis.

Al-Mulla, also a renowned Qatari visual artist, has served as president of the Qatar Society for Fine Arts and held solo exhibitions in Qatar, India, and Saudi Arabia. His work is collected by Qatari ministries, embassies, and QM.

At Fire Station’s Gallery 4, artificial intelligence (AI) artist Dr Alkhuzama Alharami and Qatar-based French sound artist Guillaume Rouseré present an immersive installation titled ‘Etheralscape’.

QM noted that this exhibition blends the power of image and sound. Visitors are swept away by a sensory experience that weaves together breathtaking video projections of desert landscapes and intricate calligraphy with mesmerizing soundscapes. These soundscapes are crafted from authentic field recordings of the desert and other evocative sounds.

Etheralscape provides a much-needed escape from the daily grind, offering a peaceful space for meditation.

Alharami, with a doctorate in computer engineering, seeks to push the boundaries between AI and artistic expression. Her dynamic and immersive works reflect her personal experiences and invite viewers to become part of the artwork.

Rouseré, whose diverse portfolio includes exhibitions, sound sculptures, immersive installations, and sound compositions, focuses on the relationship between sound and the environment. He has exhibited locally and internationally, including in Paris and China.
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