The State of Qatar participated in the Bonn Climate Change Conference (SB60), held in Bonn, the Federal Republic of Germany from June 3-13.

Assistant Undersecretary for Environmental Affairs at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC) Eng. Ahmed Mohammed Al Sada headed the Qatari delegation participating in the conference.

In a statement on Monday, the MoECC said that Qatar's delegation emphasised the importance of holding dialogue with the participation of stakeholders, within the just transition action program to implement the Paris Climate Agreement, noting the significance of the results of the negotiations being consistent with the priorities of countries in their development plans.

The ministry indicated that during the meetings, various topics related to climate change were discussed, including topics related to the outcomes of the Paris Agreement, especially activating decisions with regard to adaptation to climate change, mitigating emissions of gases that cause climate change, and means of supporting the implementation of programs and projects related to adaptation and mitigation that include financing, technology development and transfer, capacity building, and transparency.

The MoECC noted that the Qatari participation was supported by several countries taking part in the conference, as the Qatari delegation, which included a number of different national parties, participated effectively in the negotiations on all major topics, in a way that achieves national interests and is in line with the positions of developing countries.

The ministry explained that the importance of these meetings lies in the fact that they come at a stage between the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and COP 29, which is an important stage in terms of its impact on the outcomes of the COP 29, scheduled to be held in the Baku, Azerbaijan next November.
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