The Israeli Occupation's military on Sunday announced a daily 11-hour "tactical pause" in its offensive in the southern Gaza Strip.

Media vehicles carried a statement of the Israeli army saying that the pause would begin in the Rafah area at 05 am GMT and remain in effect until 4 pm GMT. It said the pauses would take place every day until further notice.

The statement said that the pause is aimed at allowing the deliveries of increased quantities of humanitarian aid, adding that it was being coordinated with the UN and international aid agencies.

Spokesperson for the Occupation's military said in a post, on 'X' platform, that the move was agreed upon to increase the volumes of humanitarian aid entering Gaza, following discussions with the UN and international organizations.

He added that a local, tactical pause of military activity for humanitarian purposes will take place along the road that leads from the Karm Abu Salem Crossing to the Salah al-Din Road and then northwards.