Qatar Reads – an initiative under Qatar National Library – has celebrated its fifth anniversary with families who have subscribed to its Family Reading Programme, enjoying an amazing atmosphere of fun and learning.

Held on May 25 in conjunction with Doha Quest theme park, the evening was launched by Raja Aderdor, senior programme development officer at Qatar Reads, and was a testament to the Family Reading Programme's interactive and engaging nature.

The event at Doha Quest showcased the initiative's most prominent milestones and achievements over the past five years and was filled with activities and competitions, including quizzes and interactive poetry. Children who have been part of the Family Reading Programme also performed some theatre segments for the 287 family members present and Qatar Reads staff.

The evening ended with a ceremony led by Fatema al-Malki, projects manager, Qatar Reads honouring the winners of the night's various competitions, along with the families subscribed to the reading programme.

Al-Malki said: “At Qatar Reads, we believe in the power of reading to bring families together and foster a lifelong love of learning. Over the past five years, our Family Reading Programme has grown home libraries and impacted the lives of children in Qatar by encouraging them to explore new topics and develop their reading skills."

The programme fosters a passion for books and the development of home libraries through a monthly subscription service. Specifically designed for children aged 3 to 13, subscribed families are sent a curated selection of books and materials to their homes every month.

The monthly package includes two books, comics, and activity sheets. This diverse selection allows children to explore new topics and develop their reading skills. The package also caters to language preferences, offering books in Arabic, English, or a combination of both, to provide families and their children with a rich and diverse intellectual and cultural experience.

In addition to the monthly books, Qatar Reads hosts regular meetings and sessions on specific topics and issues related to the books sent. This is done to encourage children to discuss what they have read and to cultivate the habit of reading through new and enjoyable methods.
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