The Saudi Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services has announced the deployment of over 32 modern technologies to serve pilgrims, including 17 being used for the first time. Among these innovations are the air taxi, flexible rubber roads, and virtual reality glasses.

At a press conference in Mina, Saudi Minister of Transport and Logistics Services, Eng. Saleh bin Nasser Al Jasser, presented the transport and logistics system designed to serve the pilgrims to representatives of international, regional, and Gulf news agencies. He highlighted that over 47,000 ministry personnel are dedicated to facilitating pilgrims' transportation in the coming days.

The minister emphasized that the ministry is implementing the latest future transport technologies and utilizing new, environmentally friendly transport methods that rely on artificial intelligence applications.

Al Jasser noted that more than 90 percent of pilgrims arrive by air from over 250 destinations worldwide, with six airports in the Kingdom prepared for this influx, including the Riyadh and Dammam airports, which facilitate domestic air transport to ease pilgrims' journeys.

He mentioned that over 27,000 buses have been prepared to transport pilgrims, with a total capacity of over one million pilgrims. Additionally, more than 156 routes have been established to facilitate the movement of pilgrims to and from the holy sites during the Hajj season.

The Saudi transport minister stated that the railway transport system is unique, featuring the Haramain High-Speed Railway, which reaches speeds of up to 300 km/h. This railway connects Mecca and Medina, with three other stations, and is the sixth fastest train in the world.

Regarding maritime transport, he explained that it is primarily utilized for transporting goods, logistical services, and sacrificial animals, with over 202 million sacrificial animals already transported via the Jeddah port.

In concluding the conference, Eng. Saleh bin Nasser Al Jasser affirmed the Saudi Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services' commitment to providing the best and latest services to ensure that pilgrims can perform their rituals with ease and peace of mind, ensuring their safe return to their families.
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