The Excellence Center for Training and Consulting at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies has announced the launch of 'Qatar Social Responsibility Week' for the first time, scheduled for September. This event is organized in collaboration with the Regional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Network, a member of the Regional Network for Social Responsibility.

During a press conference held, the organisers revealed that the events will be under the patronage of HE the Minister of Social Development and Family Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser al-Misnad, from September 17 to 19, coinciding with the World Social Responsibility Day, to encourage positive engagement from government sectors, private enterprises, and non-profit organizations in Qatar with responsible practices in business environments to support community development efforts and their institutions.

Director of the Excellence Center for Training and Consulting, Dr Ahmed al-Maweri, stated that the centre aims through this event to support community development efforts and institutions in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. The event seeks to highlight the role of Qatari entities in social responsibility on both national and international levels and to showcase exemplary practices in this field according to international standards.

He added that the centre, along with its partners, aims to raise public awareness about the concepts and practices of social responsibility. He pointed out that various activities will be organized to contribute to training and enhancing the expertise of members from public, private, and non-governmental organizations in the same field.

Dr al-Maweri mentioned that the Social Responsibility Week will be an annual platform for various entities and individuals to contribute to efforts aimed at raising awareness, developing skills, and building capacities in the field of social responsibility. He expressed his anticipation for broad and fruitful participation from different sectors and individuals to achieve the desired goals.

In the press conference, Iman al-Kaabi, representing the Ministry of Social Development and Family, affirmed the ministry's support for Qatar Social Responsibility Week, believing in the importance of collaborative work in this field. She noted that social responsibility holds a prominent place in the ministry's priorities, aligning with Qatar National Vision 2030 with its four pillars: human, social, economic, and environmental.

Al-Kaabi considered these activates to be a unique event in Qatar, marking the first Qatar Social Responsibility Week after previously having a more Arab-focused week.

Vice Chairperson of the National Human Rights Committee, Dr Mohamed Saif al-Kuwari, stated that 'Qatar Social Responsibility Week' represents a significant shift in enhancing social responsibility in the country.

He pointed out that the week aims to highlight the role of Qatari institutions and organizations and their impact on developing social responsibility at both national and international levels. It also aims to build youth capacities, promote best practices in this field, and enhance partnerships between the public and private sectors and civil society organizations.

General Manager of the Regional CSR Network, Dr Ali al-Ibrahim, outlined the key events of Qatar Social Responsibility Week, including the "Forum and exhibition of best Qatari practices in government sector social responsibility," the "Qatar forum for business sector social responsibility applications," and the "Qatar gathering for building capacities of non-profit sector workers to empower them in social responsibility."

Other events presented by Dr al-Ibrahim include specialized workshops such as the "International standard specification for social responsibility workshop" and the "World cup of student activities initiatives for social responsibility in higher education institutions" competition. Additionally, short film makers will be invited to present films that express best practices in this field.

Mona Babti, Head of Training at the Excellence Center for Training and Consulting, explained that a group of European, Arab, and Gulf organizations and institutions will be engaged remotely to review the most important practices and projects in the field of social responsibility.
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