Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) continues its efforts to establish global humanitarian principles by implementing a comprehensive health care initiative, which aims to meet the urgent needs of Rohingya refugees in Malaysia, as it has funded the establishment of 5 fully equipped health clinics, in addition to 5 mobile clinics in strategic locations in the most important areas, to ensure the availability and ease of access to health care services for Rohingya refugees, in cooperation with Qatar Charity and the Malaysian National Welfare Foundation.

This project was launched in December 2019, and it has become an essential pillar in providing basic health care services to Rohingya refugees in Malaysia.

Despite the challenges resulting from the global Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the QFFD remained steadfast in its commitment to supporting Rohingya refugees in Malaysia, in cooperation with Qatar Charity and several other partners.

This initiative, which was planned over a period of 4 years and launched in September 2019, faced exceptional challenges, as the pandemic led to the collapse of health sectors in various countries around the globe, but the project was extended for an additional year to ensure its successful completion until the end of 2024.

The extension resulted in the adaptation of strategies to comply with evolving health protocols, ensuring the safety of both healthcare providers and beneficiaries, while maintaining the provision of essential services to the Rohingya community.

Thanks to the steadfast determination and cooperation, the project withstood crises and continued to provide vital health care support to those in dire need of it, affirming the State of Qatar's commitment to supporting humanitarian endeavors around the globe.

The health clinics supported by the fund provide effective and high-quality health services, such as: medical examination, prenatal services, wound dressing, minor surgical operations, health education, health examination, vaccination and blood testing, as well as specialized services, such as orthopedics, circumcision, pediatrics, and mental health.

The initiative achieved intangible accomplishments, as it has served a large number of Rohingya refugees (around 585,756 refugees) successfully, until April 2024. This success is a testimony to the combined efforts of QFFD, Qatar Charity, and the Malaysian National Welfare Foundation, as well as an evidence of the dedication and experience of partner organizations in providing basic health care to Rohingya refugees in Malaysia.

The impact of health care projects was demonstrated during a comprehensive tour recently undertaken by the fund's delegation, during which it inspected all health clinics in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian state of Johor, and the island of Penang, and was informed of the progress and quality of the basic health services provided.

This visit is not the first of its kind, but rather a part of a series of regular visits aimed at monitoring the project's progress in a sustainable and effective manner, with a special focus on reaching the target groups and the most vulnerable individuals, and ensuring that transparency and quality standards are met.
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