The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) and The View Hospital recently held a day-long wellness event to provide free medical consultations to the QFC employees. The initiative marks a collaborative effort stemming from the memorandum of understanding between QFC and Elegancia Healthcare, the managing entity of The View Hospital, to advance healthcare innovation and foster a culture of wellness in Qatar.

Consultants in family medicine, vascular medicine, and mental wellness from the prestigious healthcare institution visited the QFC to provide health assessments to more than 50 individuals seeking medical advice. The check-ups covered a range of medical concerns, from acute, chronic, and preventive care to issues concerning vascular health.

Consultations were also conducted to address mental well-being, such as stress reduction, maintaining work-life balance, enhancing sleep quality, anxiety management, and mindfulness. "This initiative is a simple example of how partnerships with shared goals can lead to meaningful outcomes. I anticipate launching further collaborative projects with The View Hospital and Elegancia Healthcare that not only promote the importance of health but also contribute to the advancement of the healthcare sector,” said Yousuf Mohamed al-Jaida, chief executive officer, QFC.

Matthew Dronsfield, chief executive officer, The View Hospital, said "by offering comprehensive health assessments and consultations, we aim to foster a culture of wellness and preventive care. We look forward to future collaborations that will further advance healthcare innovation and enhance the quality of life for individuals in Qatar.”
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