ExxonMobil Qatar has presented QatarEnergy LNG with its Annual EMQL President’s ‘Asset of the Year’ award, EMQL President’s ‘Goal Zero’ award, and a newly added ‘Optimizer' award.

ExxonMobil Qatar’s president and general manager, Taher Hamid, presented the awards to the asset teams in the presence of QatarEnergy LNG’s chief executive officer, Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa al-Thani, at a ceremony held at QatarEnergy LNG’s Doha headquarters.

The objective of the awards is to recognise QatarEnergy LNG operating asset teams that have demonstrated significant contributions toward achieving the company’s vision, mission, and values by delivering on a combination of financial and operational performance metrics in process and personnel safety, environmental, reliability, production, and cost management.

The 'Asset of the Year' award recognises the overall outstanding performance in safety, reliability, operations excellence, and production. To celebrate exemplary results, this year it was awarded to QatarEnergy LNG’s S1 Asset (1). The award was received by Abdulla al-Nabit, S1 Asset Manager.

The 'Goal Zero' award recognises the outstanding personnel and process safety performance with zero Tier 1 or 2 process safety event or recordable injuries. This was awarded to QatarEnergy LNG’s S1 and AKG Assets and received by Abdulla al-Nabit, S1 Asset Manager and Essa al-Mohannadi, AKG Asset Manager.

The 'Optimizer' award, recently added to ExxonMobil Qatar’s annual accolade, was presented to QatarEnergy LNG’s S3, N2, and AKG Assets for maximising value of available molecules and facility capacity by implementing flowing gas transfer from AKG Sales Gas to S3 LNG Train-7 and from NFA to N2 LNG Train 4 for the first time. The award was received by Ali Dashti, S3 Asset Manager, Ahmed Ali al-Fadhala, N2 Asset Manager, and Essa al-Mohannadi, AKG Asset Manager.

"These awards recognise and celebrate their exceptional performance, dedication, and innovative contributions. All three teams have demonstrated outstanding commitment to safety and operational excellence, driving QatarEnergy LNG’s success and advancing its position as a leader in the LNG industry. Their hard work and collaborative efforts are setting new standards for quality and efficiency and playing a key role in the company’s continued growth and achievement,” said Hamid.

"This recognition is a testament to the unwavering commitment to our pillars, values, and exceptional efforts of our asset teams. Their dedication to safety, operational excellence, and innovation has been instrumental in achieving these remarkable milestones. We are proud of our strong partnership with ExxonMobil Qatar which contributes remarkably to the advancement of LNG industry in Qatar," said Sheikh Khalid.
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