Qatar Museums will host various festive activities in celebration of Eid Al Adha. In the lead up to the occasion, the National Museum of Qatar will run a series of workshops to engage families with the world of art and culture and build the festive spirit; and Dadu, Childrens Museum of Qatar is organizing two days of activities over the public holiday, titled "From Our Family to Yours: Eid Joy and Celebrations".

The National Museum of Qatar will organize today the "Eid Paper Outfit Workshop" for families to design personalized outfits out of paper and prepare to celebrate this joyous occasion; in addition to the "Eid through your lens" activity for families to come and express creativity and celebrate the joy of Eid together, by drawing Eid through their own lens.

On Thursday, the National Museum of Qatar will host the "Lucky Bird Storytelling", followed by a fun hands-on activity of the sheep of Eid Al Adha.

Dadu: Childrens Museum of Qatars activities will take place on June 17 and 18 at the National Museum of Qatar. The activities include the "Glowing Eid Cards" activity which sparks curiosity and interest in science and encourages creative expression.

Dadu: Childrens Museum of Qatar will also host the "Bottle Harp" activity which encourages children to use their imagination and repurposed materials to make a musical instrument; in addition to the "Sing-along" to learn about new local songs, the "Gasaa" activity for henna design, which fosters hand-eye coordination and leaves room for children to make choices and express their creativity, the "Sheep Obstacle Race" activity, the "Family Nest Building" which explores creativity and family crafting, and the "Kaaba and Puppets" activity through which children can learn the values of Hajj and how to perform rituals linked with Kaaba.
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