Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) announced the successful completion of the Upper Extremity Flap Dissection Course at the Itqan Clinical Simulation & Innovation Centre (Itqan) in Doha, Qatar.

The Upper Extremity Flap Dissection Course stands as a significant milestone in medical education and surgical training, whereby until recently, Qatar’s plastic surgeons and medical students would have to travel abroad to experience hands-on training and theory of a similar calibre.

Itqan, recognised as one of the world's largest simulation centres, has cutting-edge technologies, including robotic surgery with DaVinci systems, providing an unmatched learning environment for healthcare professionals.

This first-of-its-kind course was conducted at HMC, and under the expert guidance of Dr Abeer Alsherawi, course director, Plastic Surgery Consultant, HMC, it exemplified HMC's commitment to bridging theory with practice.

Participants underwent a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to upper extremity flap dissection. “This course is a great opportunity for our residents to practise and explore the wide varieties of flap dissection techniques,” said, Dr Alsherawi.

The course aimed to ensure that all residents acquire the fundamental surgical skills necessary to competently perform flap dissection, thereby enhancing their surgical exposure and experience. In its first cohort, more than 20 flap techniques were practised, along with several other procedures on a human tissue of an upper limb.

The training was conducted under the supervision of esteemed plastic surgery faculty members from HMC. This initiative underscores HMC's dedication to advancing medical education and refining surgical skills, ultimately benefiting patient care.

Dr Mohamed Badie Ahmed, plastic surgery resident and member of the Flap Dissection Course Organising Team said: "In the past, we had to travel abroad to practice and train on human tissues for flap dissection. Now, through our collaboration with Itqan, we can conduct high-quality courses locally, greatly enhancing our surgical training. Offering this course marks a new phase in our plastic surgery training programme."
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