Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (Qmic), based at the Qatar Science & Technology Park, has announced the launch of a new enhanced Automated Heat Stress Monitoring and Management Solution (Humidex).

This new version includes an expansion to the existing suite of services offered by Humidex, including adding more parameters and measurements, in order to address the needs of various partners from industrial and non-industrial sectors.

In conjunction with this launch, Qmic hosted a workshop at QSTP yesterday, attended by many representatives from several local partners, and stakeholders to demonstrate the different enhancements of the new version.

Humidex aims to improve occupational and public safety through monitoring environmental parameters, and alerting safety officers and field employees when weather conditions are deemed dangerous by smartly digitising the whole data collection, analytics, and info delivery processes.

Throughout the past few years, Humidex was successfully adopted by major entities in the local oil and gas sector, where it demonstrated great benefits and enhancements to their daily operations.

Qmic has also successfully piloted a non-industrial version of the Humidex solution at different Qatar Foundation schools with the aim of increasing student safety when outdoors.

To address the diverse sustainability and environmental monitoring needs of stakeholders and industrial partners, Qmic has developed a much richer and more diverse solution in terms of its monitoring capabilities, richness of visualisation and reports, enhanced operational support, and more advanced Qmic-made hardware monitoring stations.

Omar al-Jaber, director of Strategic Partnerships and Outreach at Qmic, said: “At Qmic, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of our partners and the communities we serve. The enhanced Humidex platform is a testament to our dedication to driving positive change and fostering a more sustainable, safer, and smarter living”

The enhanced Humidex solution now includes a comprehensive suite of environmental monitoring capabilities, providing detailed insights into factors such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, carbon emissions, air quality parameters, and wet bulb globe temperature.

This expanded data collection allows organisations from different sectors to make more informed decisions to protect individuals health and enhance productivity in challenging outdoor environments.

Moreover, the enhanced solution provides the flexibility to adapt the monitoring capabilities and size of the on-site monitoring station to support varying needs of enterprise and government customers.
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