FIFA President Gianni Infantino said he is "counting down the days" with exactly two years to go until the FIFA World Cup 26 kicks off.

In a statement posted on the FIFA's website, the FIFA President said that the 23rd edition of the FIFA World Cup, which starts on 11 June 2026 at the iconic Estadio Azteca Mexico City, would be "the greatest event, the greatest show, the greatest tournament" that the world has ever seen. It will also be the most inclusive FIFA World Cup ever, featuring a record 48 teams and hosted by 16 cities across three countries, Canada, Mexico and the United States, he added.

The Estadio Azteca Mexico City one of three venues in Mexico along with Estadio Monterrey and Estadio Guadalajara will make history at the tournament, having also hosted the opening matches of the FIFA World Cup in 1970 and 1986.

"It will be the first stadium to host three inaugural (FIFA) World Cup football matches," said the FIFA President. "We've never seen this before, and to experience it at an iconic stadium like the Azteca is something very, very special."

"We all know the epic games, (FIFA) World Cup games, that have been played there in the past, absolute champions like Pele and Diego Maradona who played and won at the Azteca," he said.

The FIFA President said that preparations were well on course across the three Host Nations. "In the Host Cities, of course, we are working with the authorities, with the stadium owners and operators, with the local communities," he said.

"(There is) fantastic collaboration everywhere. They are looking forward to millions and millions of fans from all over the world," Infantino said.

Upcoming FIFA World Cup 26 milestones include qualifying draws in both Asia and Oceania. Qualifying in AFC will continue in September with 18 nations vying for eight direct tournament slots, while matches in the Oceania Football Confederation will commence in September with 11 nations competing for one direct slot. UEFA qualifying, meanwhile, takes place between March 2025 and March 2026, with 16 berths available for European teams.
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