The Saudi Ministry of Health confirmed that this years Hajj season faces a major challenge, represented by a significant rise in temperatures of between 45 and 48 degrees Celsius, which poses a threat to the health of pilgrims.
Spokesman of the Saudi Ministry of Health Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdel Ali stressed the importance of pilgrims following the health instructions issued by the Ministry, including carrying umbrellas to avoid direct exposure to the sun, drinking sufficient amounts of water, and making sure to take rest periods between rituals to reduce exhaustion and heat stress.
He pointed out the need for pilgrims to adhere to these instructions to ensure their safety and health during the performance of Hajj rituals, stressing that the Ministry is making all efforts to provide a healthy and safe environment for the pilgrims in light of these difficult climatic conditions.
The National Center of Meteorology announced the weather conditions in the Holy Sites for this years Hajj season, varying from hot to very hot, with degrees ranging between (45 - 48) degrees Celsius, with little chances of rain, which calls for following health guidelines of carrying an umbrella, drinking sufficient amounts of water regularly, avoiding direct exposure to the sun, and having rest between rituals.
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