United Development Company (UDC), the master developer of The Pearl Island and Gewan Island, recently celebrated World Environment Day at The Pearl Island with a series of activities for the community.

The event, held in collaboration with United School International (USI), emphasised the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainability through hands-on youth engagement and awareness campaigns.

One of the highlights was the “Sustainability Action Maze” competition, a dynamic activity designed specifically for the youth of The Pearl Island.

Participants navigated a specially designed maze, making critical decisions and analysing the consequences of their actions.

This interactive experience aimed to teach young participants the importance of sustainable practices and land restoration in their communities.

The UDC’s celebration of World Environment Day aligns with its ongoing environmental-conscious practices.

The UDC has launched its annual six-month recycling campaign to encourage residents to recycle plastic by separating it from general waste.

Participants will be rewarded with discount vouchers from participating outlets at The Pearl Island for every 1kg of plastic recycled.

Four collection points were established across The Pearl Island, with recycling operations carried out in partnership with Seashore.

The Pearl Island community has made significant strides in recycling, achieving a 37% recycling rate for community and retail waste – a 15% increase from the previous year.

This includes recycling plastics, paper/cardboard, aluminium cans, e-waste, and batteries.

This year, residents contributed 2.3 tonnes of plastic waste, which was successfully recycled into useful goods for the community.

Further demonstrating its commitment to environmental innovation, the UDC has launched Collec'Thor Sea Cleaners, also known as seabins.

These floating trash collectors, made from recycled materials, have gathered over 2,500kg of sea waste, including 147kg of recyclables.

Efficient waste management at The Pearl Island is not only essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment but also offers significant economic and environmental benefits.

Since 2023, the UDC’s recycling efforts have resulted in savings equivalent to 8,400 trees, 212,000 barrels of crude oil, 3.4mn gallons of fresh water, 1,900 cu m of land space, and 2.1mn kilowatt-hours of electricity.

In a further commitment to sustainable transportation, the UDC installed seven EV chargers at The Pearl Island.

These chargers support capacities of up to 60kWh and 120kWh, with one of the chargers being Qatar's fastest, capable of charging EVs up to 180kWh and allowing vehicles to reach an 80% charge in just 10-15 minutes.

The UDC’s Environmental and Sustainability Strategy 2022-2026 recognises the significant impact of plastic on climate change and aims to offset all greenhouse gas emissions.

The strategy promotes low-carbon solutions, the reduction of plastic use, and the establishment of comprehensive recycling mechanisms throughout the UDC’s offices, worksites, and The Pearl Island.

World Environment Day, observed annually on June 5 and established by the UN General Assembly in 1972, has become a global platform for environmental outreach.

The Pearl Island community is therefore continually encouraged to embrace environmental awareness and action, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals and championing environmental causes.

The UDC remains committed to environmental action and sustainability, continually striving to enhance the quality of life for its residents while preserving and protecting the natural environment.

Through initiatives like these, the UDC aims to inspire a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility within The Pearl Island community.
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