Qatari Haj Mission's Control and Inspection Unit continues its inspection tours to ensure that all Qatari campaigns meet the conditions and standards set by the mission. This is done by providing the highest standards of security and safety in their residences and applying health and nutritional requirements before the country's pilgrims begin to arrive on Monday.

Head of Control and Inspection Unit Mohamed Abdullah al-Hay said that the unit conducts daily and regular inspection tours of campaign's accommodations and inspects their various services and facilities. Inspections are carried out to ensure the cleanliness and arrangement of the living rooms and bathrooms allocated in addition to other facilities such as prayer rooms and meeting halls and reception.

Al-Hay stressed that the monitoring and inspection unit is making every effort to ensure all appropriate conditions for pilgrims' accommodation, and thus making sure the comfort and satisfaction of pilgrims with the services provided to them by the campaigns in terms of housing, nutrition, security and safety matters.

Following a number of inspection tours over the past few days, the Head of the Control and Inspection Unit confirmed the readiness of Qatari campaigns' residences to receive the pilgrims of Qatar, noting that the Qatari campaigns have hotel residences and upscale services, including hotels on or close to Al Haram Square.
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