Qatar Museums (QM) and Qatar Airways announced the launch of the Qatar Museums Channel, now available exclusively on the latter's in-flight entertainment system, Oryx One.

The Qatar Museums Channel on Oryx One represents a significant milestone in the promotion of Qatar's cultural tradition to a global audience. Through engaging storytelling and inspiring, cinematic content like interviews with artists and curators, passengers will be transported into the heart of Qatar's vibrant art scene.

In a press statement, QM CEO Mohammed al-Rumaihi said: “We are very proud to have partnered with Qatar Airways in this collaboration that adds value to passenger experience on board flights, further proving QM’s commitment to expanding and sharing the rich art and culture of Qatar among global audiences. Aside from enhancing in-flight experiences, this platform also serves as a digital access to Qatar's rich heritage for passengers worldwide.”

The Qatar Museums Channel offers extensive content, including themed series, documentaries, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into Qatar's artistic resources.

The channel features Qatari folktales brought to life through animation, choreographed dance films set against the backdrop of museum galleries, documentaries showcasing public artworks in remote desert landscapes and across Doha and behind-the-scenes insights into rare collection objects presented by curators.

Additionally, viewers can enjoy museum tours, cultural films highlighting Qatar’s history and traditions, an introduction to Qatari cuisine, and audio guides to various museums and galleries.
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