The “Sanxingdui World Exhibition of National Treasures (Sanxingdui Encounter): A Global Tour of 12k Micro Viewing of National Treasures” was inaugurated Sunday at Katara – the Cultural Village's Building 1.

Katara general manager Prof Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti inaugurated the exhibition, a part of Katara's initiative to build bridges of communication and exchange between cultures and peoples, and in co-operation with the Sanxingdui Museum in China.

The launch ceremony was attended by senior Chinese officials alongside a number of ambassadors of several countries.

Dr al-Sulaiti stressed the significance of the exhibition due to its collection of rare bronze artefacts and heritage treasures from the largest archaeological museum in southwest China.

The exhibition tells the story of over 4,000 years of ancient Chinese civilisation, highlighting the creativity of humans in the great ancient Shu civilisation.

Dr al-Sulaiti said that the exhibition underscores Katara's efforts to enhance co-operation between different cultures and to open windows for the visitors of Katara to explore them.

He also recalled the various Chinese events and exhibitions that Katara previously hosted.

Participants at the ceremony watched a presentation on the archaeological discoveries in the Sanxingdui area and the significance of the displayed historical pieces in revealing an important phase of China's history.
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