Qatar has participated in a consultative meeting at the level of the permanent delegates to the Arab League, held at the headquarters of the Arab League's General Secretariat in Cairo on the topic of evaluating the Arab co-operation forums with states and regional blocs.

Acting charge d'affaires of Qatar's Permanent Mission to the Arab League, Maryam Ahmad al-Shibi, represented the State at the meeting.

The meeting discussed the member states' perspectives on the Arab co-operation forums with states and regional blocs with the aim of effectively and positively co-ordinating the collective efforts, in addition to forging solid partnerships, serving issues of shared concern, and reinforcing co-operation in this respect.

The participants underscored the importance of setting an overall strategy that includes determined executive objectives and mechanisms to ensure accomplishing the intended goals of these forums in the future. Also, they deemed this convention as a critical step on the track of strengthening co-operation and outreach among the Arab nations, states, and regional blocs.
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