Leading hypermarket chain, LuLu Group has launched the much-awaited ‘British Food Week’ at its outlets across Qatar.

The event showcases a wide array of food products imported directly from the UK, delighting customers with the extraordinary variety and high quality of British food products and brands.

The popular annual British food festival, which runs until June 12 across LuLu stores and online platforms, offers people in Qatar the chance to indulge in the best of British culinary traditions this summer.

The week-long celebration was inaugurated by British ambassador, Neerav Patel at LuLu Mall, Giardino- The Pearl Island, in the presence of Dr Mohamed Althaf, director, LuLu Group International; senior officials from the British embassy; members of the Qatar British Business Forum; and guests from leading business groups in Qatar.

Patel stated, “There's a real sense of the breadth and variety of British brands that really want to be here. Covering almost every aisle and every aspect of fast-moving consumer goods, there's a real appetite and desire among British small and medium-sized enterprises to come to Qatar. Of all the countries around the world, Qatar is in the top ten destinations for so many of them.

“We've got the statistics to prove it, and there's a real match between supply and demand. British brands and businesses, especially those emerging in sustainable, organic, and vegan spaces, are finding a real demand here. There are many new suppliers coming on stream in the UK, and they are meeting a growing demand in Qatar.”

He added: “Talking about the initiative first, I think it's excellent. LuLu's British Food Week is already an institution in this country and around the region, and I hope it continues for a long time. It's truly excellent and a symbol of the living bridge between our two countries. It shows how much personal growth and effort can connect our two nations.”

Althaf said, “I believe one of our significant achievements is hosting the 12th British Festival in Qatar, which is arguably the longest-running country-specific festival. I remember our humble beginnings 12 years ago when we had just a few attendees and a trade volume of £3mn to £4mn.

“Over the years, the festival has grown substantially, with last year's exports to Qatar reaching almost £35mn. While this figure may seem modest given the size of Qatar and the UK, it represents small and medium-sized companies that otherwise may not have had the opportunity to export.”

He added: “Our festival aims to showcase the rich culinary and food heritage of Britain, particularly highlighting the food innovation from cities like Birmingham. Beyond traditional dishes like fish and chips, British food innovation extends to plant-based proteins, functional foods, and dairy products with health benefits. Our partnership with various institutions in the UK is strengthening, emphasising our commitment to food security and quality standards.

“This festival holds great significance, especially in light of geopolitical tensions and the need to diversify food sources. We are proud to contribute to Qatar's food security and look forward to further enhancing our partnership with the UK.”

Shoppers can look forward to exploring a diverse range of British summer treats, including cheeses, freeze-packed berries, teas, organic milk, yoghurts, speciality bread, and more, available at LuLu Hypermarkets across Qatar. Additionally, the inaugural ceremony was enlivened by live musical performances by children from the United School of International, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

The award-winning logistics and warehousing facility of LuLu Group in Birmingham supports the hypermarket chain, providing shoppers with a wide range of affordable British products, according to a press statement.
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