The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip has launched an urgent appeal to the international community and its relief institutions to provide electric generators for hospitals, warning that the health service could entirely be depleted in the enclave.

Launches Urgent Appeal In a statement on Saturday, the Ministry of Health in Gaza emphasized that several of electric generators in hospitals have been technically dysfunctional with difficulty of repairing them, while the remaining generators were destroyed due to the brutal attacks of the Israeli occupation forces.

For nine months, Gaza's hospitals have been drawing on electric generators to energize their sections around the clock after the sole power station was destroyed in the enclave, the statement read.

The statement pointed out that the Israeli occupation forces intentionally damaged the electric generators in at Al-Shifa, Nasser and Kamal Adwan hospitals in the north of Gaza to keep them out of service, warning that bringing those generators to a halt would certainly mean death of patients and injured and the end of the entire health service in enclave that hosts over one million people.

Since the start of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the warnings of international organizations of the possible crumbling of the health system in Gaza have been continuing until it reached the point of incapacity amid the Israeli occupation's direct offensive on the embattled hospitals, in addition to preventing them from obtaining supplies and requirements, depriving them of fuel, water, food and electricity supplies, and destroying the roads that lead to them.
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