The Waste Recycling and Treatment Department at the Ministry of Municipality, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain to Qatar and the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Qatar, organized a workshop on circular economy and waste management.
In a statement on Thursday, the Ministry of Municipality said that the workshop, which was attended by Assistant Undersecretary for Public Services Affairs Eng. Abdullah Ahmed Al Karani and HE Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to the State of Qatar Javier Carbajosa Sanchez, aimed to exchange expertise and transfer knowledge and modern experiences between the two sides in the field of circular economy and waste treatment, in addition to the best methods used to treat and recycle waste, as well as the laws and legislation related to recycling.
In this context, Eng. Abdullah Ahmed Al Karani emphasized that the State of Qatar has provided various distinguished and successful experiences in the field of effective waste management, such as achieving a zero waste rate during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and other sports tournaments, the most recent of which was the Asian Cup Qatar 2023. He indicated that this was the first time that this percentage had been achieved in the history of the World Cup tournaments, as this waste was converted into fertilizer or into clean energy at the Domestic Solid Waste Management Center (DSWMC) in Mesaieed, which is considered the first center in the Middle East that receives and treats household waste on a daily basis, produce electricity and fertilizer, and sort recyclable materials.
He said that the Ministry of Municipality has worked carefully to get rid of all the tire stock that has accumulated in the country for many years, as a well-thought-out plan has been developed to safely dispose of discarded tires, and to find successful solutions to recycle them in all its sites, in cooperation with local private sector companies and tire recycling factories in the Al Afja area for recycling industries, which the country has designated for recycling industries.
He pointed out that in light of the increasing interest that the State of Qatar attaches to sustainability, recycling, and waste treatment to implement the third national development strategy 2024-2030 in accordance with the Qatar National Vision 2030, the ministry was keen to organize the Recycling Towards Sustainability Conference and Exhibition, which is considered an important platform for exchanging experiences in the field of waste recycling and sustainability. This conference has been held annually since 2020, with the participation of various local, regional, and international bodies, in addition to the participation of private sector companies and factories, which will contribute to treating and recycling waste in the State of Qatar.
He indicated that this workshop constitutes an exceptional opportunity to meet with experts from the Spanish side to benefit from the distinguished Spanish experience in the circular economy and recycling and to learn about the advanced experiences of both sides to benefit from them to integrate efforts to achieve the strategic goals of the State of Qatar in the field of improving the quality of life and sustaining and preserving resources.
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