Qatar Charity has implemented many water purification projects in Bangladesh.

This initiative, part of Qatar Charity’s continued efforts to provide safe drinking water has significantly contributed to protecting the environment and reducing diseases and epidemics.

Qatar Charity stated that it has set up 135 water purifiers in various areas of the south-western district of Gopalganj benefiting over 10,000 underprivileged individuals who were suffering from various diseases due to contaminated water.

The rise in heavy metal contamination in the groundwater of Gopalganj district in Bangladesh has severely impacted the lives of its residents, leading to a scarcity of clean drinking water.

The beneficiaries expressed joy at receiving clean drinking water from Qatar Charity’s projects. They also shared how they suffered while collecting potable drinking water before this initiative.

"We used to struggle fetching water from distant tube wells, facing difficulties and dissatisfaction due to the high level of iron concentration. But now, thanks to Qatar Charity's water plant, getting water is easy," explained Lipi Begum, a housewife.

Kamrul Gaji, a government official of the department of public health engineering in the Gopalgonj district, stated that the surface water in many areas of the district contains high levels of heavy metals, such as unsafe levels of iron, leading to a shortage of pure drinking water sources.

In the water and sanitation sector, over the last 10 years, Qatar Charity implemented 19,152 projects across different regions of Bangladesh, benefiting a total of 1,564,000 people.
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