The Corporate Rehabilitation Therapy Services at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) held its first Corporate Rehabilitation Grand Round.

The event titled "Transformative Rehabilitation for War-Injured Children: Holistic Care that Made a Difference" was held at HMC's Itqan Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center.

HMC has treated around 100 children from Gaza, all of whom suffering from war-related injuries. The Grand Round highlighted the case of one child to demonstrate how integrated care can transform patients' lives.

Highlighting the importance of integrated rehabilitation programs in achieving successful patient outcomes, particularly for children with complex injuries, the program featured eight speakers, including rehabilitation physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, and nutrition specialists. It was attended by 139 healthcare providers from various HMC facilities.

Deputy Chief for Long-Term Care, Rehabilitation, and Geriatrics Care at HMC, Dr. Hanadi Al Hamad, said the event is part of efforts to highlight the integrated capabilities of the Corporate Rehabilitation Therapy Services in improving the lives of patients with disabilities at HMC.

"The goal of the event was to underscore the importance of integrated care and the significant impact a collaborative team approach can have on patient outcomes. This event also aimed to raise awareness among healthcare professionals about the effectiveness of integrated rehabilitation, as well as to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among professionals from various departments at HMC, thereby enhancing integrated rehabilitation practices and the quality of healthcare provided to patients with disabilities," Dr. Al Hamad said.

Head of the Pediatrics Rehabilitation Department at Qatar Rehabilitation Institute (QRI), Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Abeidah, said the program used functional rehabilitation to treat children with complex injuries.

He said: "The integrated pediatrics rehabilitation program is a set of clear and precise procedures aimed at rehabilitating pediatric patients with disabilities using advanced methods and the latest technologies provided by QRI.

"These technologies and treatment approaches assist specialists in the functional rehabilitation of children with complex injuries. They include robots used in gait rehabilitation and balance improvement, hydrotherapy which reduces pain and improves muscle strength, sensory stimulation which enhances sensory processing, along with cognitive and communication rehabilitation strategies, and evidence-based therapeutic exercises to maximize functional recovery."
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