Msheireb Museums and Sidra Medicine hosted the third edition of the 'Science Cafe' series at the Bin Jelmood House on June 3.

Titled "Life's Beginnings: Insights into Pregnancy, Fertility, and Newborn Screening," delved into the wonders of life's beginnings, exploring critical topics shaping the future of precision medicine in these areas.

In a press statement, Msheireb Museums general manager Abdulla al-Naama said: “I'm proud to see Msheireb Museums as a source of knowledge for our community through events like the 'Sidra Cafe' series focusing on advances in genomic medicine. This is a subject we’ve explored with our own ‘Journey to the Heart of Life’ exhibition at Bin Jelmood House, which enhances our understanding of this fascinating field.”

“We are proud to be engaging the public in our journey toward healthcare excellence,” said Dr Khalid Fakhro, Chief Research Officer at Sidra Medicine. “By raising awareness about the advancements in research and clinical care happening in Qatar, we not only foster a deeper connection with our community but also showcase our commitment to being at the forefront of medical innovation.”

The event featured expert speakers, including Dr Khawla Ismail, who shared insights into pregnancy and topics such as gestational diabetes, antenatal care, and ultrasounds; Prof Johnny Awwad, who focused on fertility issues like in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and endometriosis; Dr Sohaila al-Khodor, who discussed the Omouma (Mother and Baby Cohort) study; and Dr Ammira Akil, who addressed newborn screening and early detection of metabolic and endocrine disorders. Attendees also had the unique opportunity to hear a personal journey shared by Reem al-Muftah.

Fahad al-Turky, manager of Exhibitions and Programmes at Msheireb Museums, said the event showcased the incredible advancements in precision medicine related to pregnancy, fertility, and newborn health. "Our partnership with Sidra Medicine has been instrumental in bringing these crucial topics to the forefront and engaging the community in meaningful discussions."

Prof Awwad, executive chair of Women’s Services and Division Chief of Reproductive Medicine at Sidra Medicine said: “The session on Life’s Beginnings was an opportunity to help explain and clear misconceptions about fertility and IVF, a process that can seem daunting for many couples.

“We hope that we were able to highlight that this journey is a partnership and that hospitals like Sidra Medicine are committed to giving them every chance to have a baby and guide them every step of the way.”

By bringing together medical professionals, researchers, and individuals with personal experiences, the event successfully fostered dialogue and raised awareness about the latest advancements in precision medicine related to premarital screening, pregnancy, fertility, motherhood, and newborn screening.
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