Ballroom dancing is one of the oldest forms of partner dancing which includes both Standard and Latin dances. While some of the dances are characterized as classy and elegant forms that were usually performed by the royalties and nobles during balls, other Latin dances associated with Ballroom are intrinsically more sassy, fast-paced, and dynamic. Over the years, its popularity has grown and reached around the globe.

In the United Arab Emirates, though rich in its own culture in terms of dance and music, ballroom dancing is still a budding art form that awaits its blooming season. A pioneer homegrown ballroom dance school, Dance Studios Dubai was established in 2011, and created by a group of professional dancers with a vision to cultivate a thriving ballroom dance community in the country. They taught and nurtured over 5,000 students both children and adults, fostering a deep appreciation for the art of ballroom dancing. Apart from the graceful Ballroom Dancing, they teach other social dance types, right from the sensuous Bachata, lively Salsa, dramatic Argentinian Tango, Disco, Merengue to other social Caribbean Dances.

Dance Studios Dubai has upheld its reputation of being one of the best dance schools in the country, hiring dance teachers with more than 15 years of experience. The dance education journey usually starts with an introduction to a dance class where the professional instructor will determine the level of skills the students have and how they process learning during the session. Based on the introductory class, the dance teachers will create a personalized lesson plan that best suits the students and set the student’s goals as they go through the dance education program. The dance studio takes pride in participating in the top Professional-Amateur Dance Competitions (ProAm) around the world, encouraging students to partner with their teachers and join the contest.

Co-owner Dmitriy Zaiats has been a professional dancer for over 20 years. Originally from Ukraine, this dance aficionado has participated and has had great achievements in numerous dance competitions including 2 times finalist in the European Championship and a semi-finalist in the World Championship in Paris. He moved to Dubai in 2017 and fell in love with both the city and his wife who also happens to be his student and business partner, Sabrine Abu Sabaa. The couple feels so blessed to have bagged the most prestigious ballroom dance competition as the champions of the teacher-student category at the Blackpool Dance Competition.
In 2020, Dmitriy and Sabrine grabbed the opportunity to take over Dance Studios Dubai. Dmitriy shares, “We took over the place with a mission to continue its legacy and evolve with time.” With Dmitriy's background in professional dancing and Sabrine’s enthusiasm for these rhythmic dance forms, they have established a stronger brand for Dance Studios Dubai.

Sabrine, an amateur dancer, understands that beginners need a personalized approach. That is why the studio tailors its dance classes to each student’s capacity. “We understand that each student learns at their own pace. The only thing we want to make sure is that the students will genuinely enjoy the process of learning ballroom dancing,” she says.

Dance Studios Dubai caters to all students with or without dance partners of all ages, from as young as 5, to as old as 60 and above, as long as they have the enthusiasm to learn how to dance. They also have individuals who enroll in the program due to the doctor’s recommendation to be more physically and mentally active. “Dancing helps in releasing tensions in the body; a great way to express emotions and meet new people,” expresses Sabrine.

However, the beginners are not the only ones looking to enroll in Dance Studios Dubai. Advanced, professional dancers also join the studio to learn new techniques from the experts and to sometimes reignite their passion for dance. The studio caters to different teaching approaches such as private classes, group classes, and rehearsals. “Students with upcoming competitions are provided with weekly rehearsal sessions held by the studio to refine and perfect their techniques and to get familiar with the competition atmosphere and set up,” Sabrine says.

Another group of students who join the dance studio are those looking to learn for special occasions such as weddings, or when they plan to travel to cities like Vienna or Cuba, to learn the basic steps of the Viennese Waltz or Salsa with the intention of embracing the cultures they will be experiencing. “Dancing is an enjoyable process. Everyone deserves to feel great about their body and mind. The main goal for Dance Studios Dubai is to create a community where our students become a family and feel at home as they dance their hearts out,” Sabrine says.
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