Qatar Museums’ (QM) Architectural Conservation Department has announced the completion of the restoration project of Al Jamiliya Old School, which constitutes a significant part of the history of the education process in Qatar.

With approval from the Ministry of Municipality, the Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, QM and Seashore Group collaborated in the initiative.

In a press statement, QM’s Architectural Conservation Department director Adel al-Moslamani said: “The main goal was to keep the architectural character and style of the old school building and restore it in accordance with the restoration standards and conservation policies set forth by QM. It is considered one of the most important examples of school buildings that were constructed throughout the various historical stages that show the development of educational facilities in Qatar. In addition, this school will be utilised to host heritage and cultural events that will serve the local community, as well as highlight Qatar’s history of education.”

Al Jamiliya School is one of the old buildings in Al Jamiliya area that are still intact. The school consists of four rooms, three of which are classrooms along with a principal's room, in addition to services annex and bathrooms located at the northwestern corner of the site.

The restoration process commenced in mid-2023, under close supervision of the Architectural Conservation Department, due to the poor structural condition of the ceilings and walls. The school has been classified as a heritage building and allocated to Qatar Museums in co-ordination with the relevant authorities.

Seashore Group owner and chairman Salem al-Mohannadi agreed to fully subsidise the renovation and restoration project.

Vice chairman Saqr Saeed al-Mohannadi, said: “Out of its social responsibility, Seashore Group believes that it is necessary to safeguard our heritage and antiquities as they represent the source of identity for the people of Qatar. Thus, future generations will have a better understanding of how their ancestors lived and how their lifestyle contributed to the development Qatar is experiencing today”.

The restoration work was finalised in May 2024, with Seashore Group adhering to QM’s conservation standards and principles, resulting in the preservation of the building's original architectural style. The school's permanent supply of electricity and water is currently being co-ordinated with Kahramaa. Furthermore, the school was fitted with a fire alarm system to guarantee safety.
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