The Co-ordination, Follow-up and Airport Unit at Qatari Haj Mission is making the final preparations to ensure travel procedures of the pilgrims from Qatar are completed smoothly, according to a statement from the Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs.

Fahd Shams, head of the unit, explained that the unit is making its efforts to co-ordinate with representatives of the Qatari Haj agencies and to determine co-operation framework in accordance with the procedures and systems followed in the Department of Haj and Umrah Affairs at Awqaf.

“The unit is also making efforts with the Saudi authorities concerned about the airport. This is to facilitate all necessary procedures including permits for members of the mission, agency representatives and buses belonging to the Qatari Haj mission,” he said.

The unit is working to facilitate the process of receiving members of the Qatari Haj Mission with its various support units, who will be permanently present at Saudi airports to help pilgrims from Qatar during their arrival. The unit also facilitates the ease of receipt of pilgrims’ bags and transportation to their residences in Makkah.

According to Fahd, the unit began its work several months ago. The beginning was through communication and co-ordination with the Saudi authorities in obtaining permits and security approvals for shipping devices and equipment for photography and television production accompanying the Public Relations and Media units of the Qatari Haj Mission and for shipping medicines and medical equipment for the medical unit.

Regarding facilitating the reservations of pilgrims and departure procedures, he said a meeting was held with Qatar Airways officials. He added that various meetings were held with authorities concerned with Awqaf and other stakeholders.
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