Celebrating a friend's birthday at Opa Doha, nestled within the luxurious St Regis Doha, was a sensory journey into the heart of Greek culture. From the moment we stepped inside, the vibe was nothing short of eclectic and joyous. The restaurant, an epitome of contemporary elegance, was alive with a pulsating DJ mix that set the tone for an unforgettable afternoon.
Opa Doha's brunch experience is a testament to the vibrancy of Greek hospitality. The sharing set menu is thoughtfully curated, beginning with delightful dips. The Hummus with Crispy Lamb was a rich amalgamation of chickpeas, tahini, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, and fresh lemon juice, elevated by the addition of crispy lamb. The Tyrokafteri, a bold mix of feta cheese, harissa, and roasted red peppers, offered a spicy yet creamy contrast. These starters alone promised an indulgent culinary adventure.
As we moved on to the next course, the Peinirli Cheese – a boat-shaped pastry filled with egg and three cheeses – was a decadent delight, its gooey centre a comfort in every bite. The Greek Salad was a refreshing medley of vine tomato, cucumber, red pepper, red onion, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, capers, and oregano vinaigrette, a perfect palate cleanser. However, it was the Grilled Cypriot Halloumi, paired with a sublime fig and grape dressing that stole my heart. Its smoky, salty flavour balanced exquisitely with the sweet dressing, making it a standout dish.
The main course was a carnivore’s dream. The Josper Grilled Rib-eye, a succulent Wagyu rib-eye topped with a tangy feta dressing and dill, was the epitome of indulgence. It was beautifully complemented by crispy feta fries and a medley of perfectly grilled vegetables. The rib-eye, tender and flavorful, was a luxurious climax to an already impressive meal.
Dessert at Opa Doha was an exquisite denouement to our hearty wholesome brunch. The Opa Baklava Sundae, with its crispy filo cup, pistachio cream, homemade pistachio caramel, and Greek yogurt ice cream, was a textural and flavourful delight. Equally enticing was the Bougatsa, a warm chocolate phyllo pie paired with Greek coffee ice cream, walnuts, and caramel sauce – a perfect moment of indulgence and joy, embracing the sweetness of life and friendship, no matter the years that pass.
But what truly set the afternoon apart was the finale. As tradition dictates, the celebration reached its peak with the Greek custom of plate smashing. The rhythmic breaking of plates added an exhilarating and cathartic end to our feast, a symbolic act of joy and abandonment that had everyone in high spirits.
Opa Doha isn’t just a dining experience; it’s an exuberant celebration of life, encapsulated in every dish, every beat of the DJ mix, and every shattered plate. For a brunch that promises not just exquisite food but an immersion into the heart of Greek festivity.
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