The Amiri Guard School celebrated Wednesday in the Lahsaniya camp the graduation of the security and personalities protection joint foundational courses No. 93 and 94 and the conclusion of the first semester of the diploma in security and personalities protection No. 3, in the presence of Amiri Guard Commander Lieutenant-General staff Hazza bin Khalil Al Shahwani.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the Deputy Commander of the Amiri Guard, the Inspector General, assistants to the Commander of the Amiri Guard, the Assistant Commander of the Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya) for security operations and training, several department and group leaders, and officers from the Armed Forces and the Lekhwiya.

The acting commander of the Amiri Guard School, Captain Hamad Abdullah Al Nabit said that the security and personalities protection joint foundational course is considered an essential and mandatory course for members of the Amiri Guard, as it contributes to honing their skills and providing them with new experiences that enhance their ability to handle all situations and emergencies related to personal protection.

He praised the excellent performance demonstrated by the participants of the two courses during the final presentation, affirming the school's commitment to developing and diversifying the training methods used in the field of security and protection, ensuring the achievement of the highest level of combat efficiency.

The final presentation witnessed a series of scenarios and simulations on the field, demonstrating the modern training methods adopted during the two courses. The presentation included a variety of exercises focused on securing and protecting individuals, which encompassed self-defense techniques, shooting drills at stationary and moving targets, and convoy formations.

After the presentation, the general report of the two courses was reviewed, and then the Commander of the Amiri Guard honored the first graduates, congratulated and encouraged them to exert effort and perseverance.
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