The Sharia unit of the Qatari Haj Mission is making final preparations to serve the pilgrims from Qatar. According to an official statement from the Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs, the unit will serve the pilgrims while educating Sharia rulings and guiding them to perform the Haj rituals correctly.

Sharia Unit head Mohamed Mahmoud al-Mahmoud said the unit’s work begins in Doha before the beginning of the Haj season. “The guides for the pilgrims are selected in cooperation and coordination with the Department of Da’wah and Religious Guidance at Awqaf. The guides are selected based upon the qualification and experience,” al-Mahmoud said. A total of 23 guides will accompany the pilgrims this year.

The Sharia guide attends the introductory awareness meeting held by the Qatari Haj Mission for the pilgrims in Doha before they travel to Mecca.

Al-Mahmoud said that a coordination meeting was held with the Sharia guides recently to discuss the arrangements. Video and audio clips will be published through Awqaf’s social media accounts to guide pilgrims and educate them on everything related to Haj and Umrah. They will educate the ways to perform rituals and what they must do while they are in the holy sites during Haj. A series of lectures and preaching lessons on Haj will be also held in several mosques across the country.

The unit also makes field visits to the Qatari Haj Mission headquarters to follow up on the work of the guides and the extent of their commitment to the educational and awareness plan.
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