LuLu Hypermarket Qatar, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), has launched the third edition of the ‘Let's Eatalian Festival’, showcasing authentic Italian products until May 29 in all LuLu Hypermarket outlets.

The festival was inaugurated at the LuLu Hypermarket Pearl Qatar branch by Italian Ambassador Paolo Toschi and Dr Mohamed Althaf, director, LuLu Group International. The event aims to raise awareness and understanding of Italian cuisine among Qatari consumers while bolstering the presence of Italian suppliers in LuLu Hypermarkets.

During the event, Toschi expressed his enthusiasm, stating: “It’s a very welcome opportunity for me to be again with our friends from LuLu Hypermarket, celebrating the friendship between this group and Italy, and Italian taste and products in this case. I want to thank my friends from the regional and Qatari team of LuLu, Mr Althaf. This partnership continues to evolve and grow, and today is another example.

“Today’s event is largely the result of our incredible trade team from ITA, and I commend them for their hard work. This festival is an opportunity to celebrate Italian identity through different products. When you approach Italian lifestyle and products, you are not just purchasing a single item; you are embracing a lifestyle and a set of values. This is why an event like this is so meaningful, and I am happy to be a part of it.”

The festival emphasises the role of promoting Italian exports to Qatar, showcasing a diverse range of products from dry groceries and canned goods to fresh produce, cheeses, and traditional Italian ingredients.

LuLu Group’s commitment to Italian products is further demonstrated by its Milan-based sourcing, processing, and export hub, which has significantly boosted Italian food exports to Qatar. This strategic investment underscores LuLu’s dedication to fostering strong trade relations with Italy and ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality Italian products to the Qatari market.

The ‘Let's Eatalian Festival’ serves as a platform to deepen cultural and economic ties between Italy and Qatar. By bringing the authentic flavours of Italy to Qatari consumers, LuLu Hypermarket not only satisfies the growing demand for international cuisine but also promotes cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. The festival opens opportunities for Italian suppliers to expand their reach in the Qatari market, contributing to the growth of both economies.

The festival also plays a crucial role in cultural exchange. When people in Qatar experience Italian foods, they learn about the history and traditions behind them, fostering greater appreciation and understanding of Italian culture, thereby strengthening the bond between the two countries.

LuLu Hypermarket sources many of its Italian products directly from Italy, highlighting its importance in connecting the two countries for business. By promoting Italian food, LuLu Hypermarket enhances food choices in Qatar while contributing to both nations’ economic and cultural growth.

LuLu Hypermarket and the ITA are inviting everyone to savour the flavours of Italy at the ‘Let's Eatalian Festival’ and discover the richness and authenticity of Italian cuisine throughout Qatar until May 29 at LuLu Hypermarket outlets.