Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa), represented by Conservation and Energy Efficiency Department, and in co-ordination with Qatar General Organization for Standards and Metrology (QGOSM) organised the GSO Green Label Requirements Awareness Seminar.

This awareness seminar is part of the implementation programme for the Gulf Technical Regulation for Water-consumption Conservation Products. It aimed to introduce the requirements for obtaining the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) Green Label to manufacturers, importers, and traders of water fixtures. The seminar is part of Kahramaa and QGOSM joining efforts to achieve the objectives of the Third National Development Strategy (2024-2030) to well-manage water resources and promote environmental sustainability.

The objective of this seminar is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Gulf Technical Regulation for Water-Consumption Conservation Products, highlighting the strategic importance of compliance with this regulation for the private sector in GSO member states through focusing on the responsibilities and procedures required to obtain the Green Label, and also it aims to provide a detailed explanation of the Gulf Technical Regulation content, including water efficiency requirements, regulatory procedures, and classification criteria. Furthermore, it encourages collaboration between the private sector and regulatory bodies to ensure effective implementation of the regulation and provide communication channels that facilitate implementation, and it offers guidance and support to participants on how to handle challenges they may face during the compliance process.

The seminar was centered around five key topics. In the first topic, it focused on the importance of water conservation in the region through three angles: analyzing current and future water challenges in the Gulf region, the vital role of the Gulf Technical Regulation in enhancing water sustainability, and the impact of compliance with the regulation on the environmental and economic profile of institutions. The second topic of the seminar discussed the Gulf Technical Regulation for Water-Consumption Conservation Products introducing the Gulf Technical Regulation and the Gulf Green Label. The third topic of the seminar discussed the rights and obligations of the concerned parties highlighting the responsibilities and rights of manufacturers, importers, and distributors; and it also focused on the requirements for obtaining the Green Label and an introduction to the supporting electronic platforms. The fourth topic of the seminar discussed the application process and acquisition of the Green Label; the detailed procedures for submitting the application, and the process of obtaining the label through the G Mark Platform.

The seminar concluded with a question-and-answer session to exchange experience and open space for participants to ask questions, discuss challenges, and provide solutions. Moreover, the seminar targeted manufacturers, importers, distributors and wholesalers, regulatory bodies and government organizations, engineers and consultants, and academics and researchers.

The seminar aligns with the objectives of the national programme for conservation and energy efficiency (known as 'Tarsheed'). It aims to raise awareness about the importance of water conservation in the face of global water challenges. Furthermore, it is in line with Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6), which focuses on ensuring access to water and sanitation services for all. This includes sustainable management of water resources, wastewater, and ecological systems while recognizing the importance of providing a conducive environment.
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