Qatar Foundation's Academic Bridge Program (ABP) has celebrated the graduation of its Class of 2024 in an official ceremony honouring 123 male and female graduates, a statement said yesterday. The ceremony at the Pre-University Education (PUE) Theater, was attended by PUE president Abeer al-Khalifa, as well as faculty members and parents.

Dr Saheim Khalaf al-Temimi, ABP's director, said: “Today is more than just a celebration; it is an opportunity to express our pride in our graduates’ unwavering commitment to social responsibility and their deep belief in creating positive change in society through their ideas, actions, and deeds. They have demonstrated exceptional will and determination.”

Dr al-Temimi explained that the aim of ABP, established in 2001, is to prepare high school graduates for admission to and success at top universities in Qatar and around the world.

“We achieve this through outstanding academic support tailored to each student's needs, providing them with the academic and personal skills needed to embark on their journey towards achieving their university dreams."

The ABP director also announced the launch of new initiatives to improve academic and career opportunities, foster essential personal skills, empower students, expand learning horizons, and stay aligned with modern developments. "Our aim is to provide our students with the highest quality education in line with international standards.”

Abdalla al-Malki, an 18-year-old graduate described the ABP as a transformative experience. “Looking ahead, I am incredibly excited to pursue my studies in medicine. The rigorous academic foundation and personal growth I experienced at ABP have prepared me for this next chapter."

Maryam al-Ibrahim, another 18-year-old graduate, said ABP has profoundly influenced her personal development. "It taught me to confidently express my needs and manage my time effectively, which are skills that have proven invaluable.

“The supportive environment at ABP encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, advocate for myself, and recognise that the boundaries I face are often those I set. These experiences have equipped me with the confidence and abilities I need to succeed in both academic and personal endeavours.

"As a person with a disability, being the sole representative in my cohort was initially daunting. However, ABP has significantly shaped my personal development. This experience taught me to educate others about my disability and embrace differences rather than fear them. ABP helped me realise my potential, showing that with the right support and accommodations, we can all thrive and accomplish great things."
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