An Arab Food Festival was organised by the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Birla Public School to celebrate the cultural heritage of Arab cuisine and promote cross-cultural acquaintance.

Students from grades six to eight actively participated in the event. Principal Dr Anand R Nair inaugurated the festival and stressed the importance of fostering cultural diversity among students. Vice principal Radhika Rele also spoke.

The Arab cuisine exhibition guided the guests through the diverse landscapes of Arab cuisine, delving into the heart of its cultural significance and culinary craftsmanship.

From the bustling souks of Morocco to the tranquil oases of Oman, each dish presented was a testament to the region's intricate blend of history, geography, and tradition.

Visitors had the opportunity to savour an array of delicacies, from mezze platters adorned with hummus, baba ghanoush, and tabbouleh, to kebabs and falafels. Also, the Qatari dish, machboos, was presented in the authentic Arab style.

Through this exhibition, students not only showcased their culinary prowess but also fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diverse cultures that enrich the global culinary landscape.

Along with the cuisine students also understood cooking styles, utensils used and serving dishes unique to the Arab countries.

Vinod Kumar (head of Non-Academic), Edna Fernadez (vice principal) and other officials attended the programme and congratulated the participants.
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