The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), in collaboration with different entities, organised multiple events to celebrate the World Family Doctor Day, which falls on May 19 annually.

These events attracted a diverse group of over 1,000 participants of all age groups. One notable event was the collaboration with Qatar Rail, where an awareness booth was set up at Al Sadd Metro Station for four days, staffed with nurses, a dietician and a family physician. During the event, the booth received nearly 514 visitors who underwent the vital sign measurements including blood sugar, blood pressure and body mass index.

Additionally, PHCC partnered with Place Vendome Mall to establish an awareness booth that operated for two days, on May 17 and 18 from morning till evening. Vital screenings were administered for a total of 490 visitors, which included blood sugar, blood pressure and body mass index assessments.

All 31 health centres affiliated to PHCC implement the family physician model, in which physicians closely monitor the health conditions of their designated families, offering a more personalised care compared to seeing multiple physicians. PHCC emphasised that the family physician, through long-term interaction with families, develop deep understanding of all medical conditions within family members, ultimately leading to better healthcare for the entire community.

PHCC highlighted the significant success of the family physician model across all its health centres. Everyone registered in PHCC health centres now has a designated family physician who monitors their health conditions, becoming over time part of the family and gaining comprehensive understanding of their health issues. As a result of this approach, the need of seeking consultation from various physicians is reduced, thus averting redundant efforts in assessing the patient’s health condition multiple times.

Furthermore, PHCC organised several events at its healthcare centres, particularly at Al Thumama Health Centre, conducted seminars, workshops and shared educational materials on its diverse social media platforms.
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