The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) organized a roundtable discussion with several logistics companies to discuss the main challenges facing the logistic services sector and find solutions that will help develop it.

Assistant Undersecretary for Industry and Business Development Affairs Saleh bin Majid Al Khulaifi participated in the meeting.

A statement by the MoCI today stated that this session is one of a series of meetings held by MoCI with the private sector in aim of discussing and evaluating the obstacles facing a number of major sectors in the country, one of which is the logistic services sector, within the framework of its keenness to support these sectors and provide all means of support to companies operating in them, facilitate current procedures, learn about the most important global practices, and come up with appropriate solutions for a suitable business environment in the State of Qatar.

The meeting addressed several topics, including the most prominent challenges faced by companies operating in the logistics services sector, the impact of that on regional expansion efforts, the impact of current laws, regulations and customs procedures on logistics operations, the regulatory changes that will benefit the logistics sector, and how to benefit from partnerships between the public and private sectors to improve the logistics services sector in Qatar. It also discussed the obstacles to obtaining skilled workers, the strategies that can be applied to address this deficiency, the technologies that should be given priority to enhance the efficiency of the sector, and the ease of access to and use of commercial platforms such as trade facilitation systems and shipping platforms within the country.

MoCI's most prominent projects and initiatives to advance the logistics services sector were also highlighted, in addition to reviewing a number of proposals to support the success of projects and reduce these challenges.
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