Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Wednesday welcomed the declaration made by Spain, Norway and Ireland to recognize the state of Palestine.

The ministry said in a statement that, with this important step, these countries showed their firm commitment to the two-state solution and achieving long-awaited justice for the Palestinian people.

The ministry stressed that these recognitions come in line with international law and all relevant United Nations resolutions, which in turn will contribute positively to all international efforts aimed at ending the illegal Israeli occupation and achieving peace and stability in the region.

The ministry has reiterated its call on all countries that have not yet recognized the State of Palestine to move forward with recognition as a step towards ending the historical injustice to which the Palestinian people have been exposed for decades.

It also further called for recognizing the inalienable rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people to self-determination in their independent, sovereign state with East Jerusalem as its capital.