Qatar Chamber (QC) discussed ways to enhance cooperation with the International Labor Organization (ILO) for the benefit of the Qatari business community and private sector, and the joint collaboration between the two sides in various fields of labor, research, and training.

Qatar Chamber Acting General Manager Ali Saeed Bu Sharbak Al Mansori held a meeting with Regional Director for Arab States at ILO Dr. Ruba Jaradat, in the presence of Head of the ILO Office in Doha Max Tunon.

Speaking at the meeting, QC Acting General Manager stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation with the ILO, praising its significant role in labor-related issues. He highlighted several areas of potential cooperation between the Chamber and the ILO.

Al Mansouri said that Qatar has successfully developed legislation and laws related to labor, emphasizing that this reflects its commitment to providing an appropriate and safe work environment. In this context, he pointed to the Chamber's important role in spreading awareness of these legislation and laws, and of all labor-related issues.

For her part, Dr. Ruba Jaradat lauded the close cooperation between the ILO and Qatar Chamber, highlighting the Chambers participation in various conferences and meetings held by the organization.

She emphasized the ILOs interest in promoting cooperation and exchanging expertise with the Chamber in the fields of research and studies.
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