The Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (Gord) has won the award for Best Patent in Energy Efficiency from the League of Arab States (LAS) for its innovative “Synergia7n1 Ultra-Efficient Air Conditioning System.”

The project represents a major advancement in air conditioning technology in terms of reducing energy consumption and achieving sustainability.

Dr Yousef Alhorr, founding chairman of Gord, was honoured as the recipient of the Best Patent award among several applicants from Arab countries during the 12th celebration of the Arab Energy Efficiency Day. Dr Alhorr was selected after a decision by the jury that composed of several Arab countries. The event was organised by the Secretariat of the Arab Ministerial Council for Electricity in collaboration with the Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency at the headquarters of the League of Arab States in Cairo, Egypt.

During the event, Dr Yousef Alhorr delivered a high-level presentation on the awarded fresh air handling system “Synergia7n1”. Compared to conventional air conditioning units, the innovation can dramatically reduce up to 50% of electricity consumption, thereby resulting in significant reduction in the associated carbon emissions and energy costs.

Synergia7n1’s hybrid ultra-efficient air conditioning system, which Gord has been developing for more than a decade, can cool and ventilate enclosed spaces – such hospitals, schools and towers – as well as open areas that include stadiums, markets, farms and barns. Synergia’s commercial prototype, manufactured entirely in Qatar using local expertise, is currently undergoing final testing during the summer period which requires maximum cooling load.

Dr Alhorr dedicated the award to Qatar and its visionary leadership, which has always been a source of inspiration and support for him, acknowledging Qatar's vital role in promoting creativity and excellence. “This prestigious award from the League of Arab States recognises the efforts invested in developing sustainable and efficient energy technologies. This achievement aligns with the global momentum towards clean and sustainable energy, and its role in improving the quality of life for communities,” added Dr Alhorr.

The announcement of Gord winning the LAS award for best patent in energy efficiency complements a series of global recognitions and awards received by Synergia’s fresh air handling system. Previously, Synergia was recognised as the "Energy Innovation of the Year 2022 – International Category" at the Association of Energy Engineer's AEE World Conference. It has also been patented by the UK Patent Registry Office and registered with the International Patent Organisation.
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