Msheireb Museums signed an agreement with Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) to champion responsible digital citizenship and constructive online community engagement.

Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), General Manager of Msheireb Museums Abdulla Al Naama said that the agreement signed with HBKU highlights technology and its impact on society. He indicated that Msheireb Museums are moving toward studying the impact of technology on life, and how to communicate research results to the community.

"As a vanguard institution committed to documenting and advancing societal progress, Msheireb Museums is honored to join forces with a consortium of leading researchers and innovators to showcase the wealth of knowledge museums have to offer," he added

The research project, titled 'The Future of Digital Citizenship in Qatar: A Socio-Technical Approach,' brings together 10 national and international entities from academia and industry, led by HBKU.

It encompasses six sub-projects focused on synthesizing social media discourse, developing web-based tools, creating educational resources, and investigating digital literacy and well-being, gender equality, social inclusion, and behavior-based approaches to online security. Final research findings will be used to enhance the digital experience for users in the Arab world and GCC area through a focus on diversity and inclusion.

The six sub-projects include MARSAD Social Media Observatory, Digital Critical Literacy and Propaganda Detection, Digital Wellbeing, Security and Safety as Behavior, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion on Social Media, and Digital Citizenship Ambassador Program.

Professor in Information and Computing Technology at HBKU and one of the research leads Dr. Raian Ali commented on Msheireb Museums joining the collaboration, "we are grateful to Msheireb Museums for serving as platform for this important research cluster. As a narrative museum, filled with thoughtful digital exhibits, Msheireb Museums offers a dynamic backdrop for exploring this crucial topic."