Microsoft debuted a new category of personal computers with AI features called "Copilot+" PCs, in a bid to revolutionize the Windows experience.

At a recent keynote session leading up to the Build developer conference, Microsoft lifted the veil on its latest lineup of Windows-powered machines dubbed Copilot+ PCs. These cutting-edge devices are set to redefine the user experience with the inclusion of dedicated Neural Processing Units (NPUs), designed to supercharge AI capabilities like Recall - a feature aimed at effortlessly retrieving past apps, files, and content.

The Copilot+ PCs are supposed to be the epitome of AI-centric flagship Windows hardware. Equipped with a minimum of 16GB RAM and SSD storage, these devices boast unparalleled performance and responsiveness, setting a new standard for computing excellence.

Microsofts foray into AI-driven innovations is set to reshape the computing landscape, with the company setting its sights on shipping over 50 million AI-enabled PCs within the next year.

Recall, for example, is a groundbreaking feature designed to seamlessly retrieve past user activities. With the forthcoming rollout of Recall, Windows 11 users can expect an intuitive and personalized computing experience, with the ability to effortlessly rediscover past activities and content. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Recall empowers users to traverse their digital archives with ease, offering a glimpse into the future of intelligent computing.

Microsoft says, that all data associated with Recall is stored securely on-device and safeguarded against unauthorized access or usage for AI training purposes.

Microsoft has also introduced a fresh lineup of Surface devices, including the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro, meticulously engineered to deliver superior performance and extended battery life. The revamped Surface Laptop features a sleek design with thinner screen bezels, offering up to 22 hours of battery life and significant performance enhancements compared to its predecessors.
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