Katara – the Cultural Village has announced the launch of the Katara Space Sciences Programme, targeting students, researchers, and community members.

The programme is aimed at increasing awareness and education in space and astronomy sciences and promote scientific research, in collaboration with a group of space scientists from around the world.

The announcement was made yesterday during a press conference attended by Katara general manager Prof Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, space science consultant Dr Jim Adams, and Maps International founder and president Rashmi Agarwal.

Dr al-Sulaiti expressed his happiness with the new collaboration and partnership between Katara and a distinguished group of space scientists, who have worked with some of the world's top scientific and research institutions in the field of space, including the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa).

He noted that Katara has made significant progress in enhancing awareness and education in astronomy, spreading knowledge of space and the universe in a modern, innovative, and effective manner.

Since the opening of Al Thuraya Planetarium, Katara has been striving to open new horizons of knowledge and education in astronomy and space sciences through numerous co-operation agreements and partnerships with universities, educational institutes, and specialized research and scientific institutions.

Dr Adams said that the Katara Space Sciences Programme targets different segments of society, including space and astronomy enthusiasts.

He said that it would be the first programme of its kind in Qatar and the region, aiming to enhance the role of interested and specialised individuals from various social groups and train experienced cadres in space sciences.

Agarwal said that the Space Science Programme would continue throughout 2024 in co-ordination with space agencies worldwide.

Al Thuraya Planetarium will host a series of events and programmes in space and astronomy sciences.

The programme kicks off with the event on *Is There Climate in Space? from June 25-27, featuring a group of climate scientists, researchers, and experts.

This event will engage students aged 13-18 and include a variety of lectures and training workshops.

She noted that there would be a monthly "Katara Astronomy Forum" hosted by Al Thuraya Planetarium, alongside an art exhibition to connect visual arts with space sciences.
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