The Gaza war has sounded the bugle for the beginning of the end of Israeli occupation and colonialism, experts at the Global Security Forum noted Monday.

At a session on ‘The Implications of Gaza War and October 7th’, Rami Khouri, director of Global Engagement, American University of Beirut, said there is a global momentum visible in favour of the Palestinian cause.

“Israel is losing. Most of the world is now speaking for Palestine. The move to exclude Palestinians is challenged in courts and media. Zionism is challenged and contained. The activism by Palestinians has resulted in people starting to speak for Palestine,” he said.

Moderated by Mark Mazzetti, Washington Investigative Correspondent, New York Times, the session noted that media coverage of the war has also varied and social and alternative media have changed perceptions about Palestinians while presenting a true picture of genocide in Gaza.

The US media drew criticism from the panellists who cited they mirror the government policy that reflects the Israel policy.

“Alternative progressive media gives reality and social media gives an immediate eye on Gaza to give the real picture and savagery,” Khoury said.

“Today, we can see Palestine as a place where the world is turning attention to. Protests are happening all over the world for the Palestinian cause, which is the end of 76 years of the denial of freedom. Younger generations are mobilised in US universities and there is a deep recognition that this shouldn’t continue,” said Diana Buttu, lawyer, legal analyst and former spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).

Gideon Levy, columnist and member of editorial board, Haaretz, said Israel gains nothing after the mass killing noting that the war is the biggest ever stain on Israel after it was established. “It’s a war of revenge on children and innocent people. Israel has to pay a price for this war,” he said.

Mariam Shahin, writer and filmmaker, noted that the new generations have woken up and understood that the old ways aren’t working. “All that happening has made people aware of the facts and the steps to be taken. There were so many social media handlers to give the world the true pictures of the genocide galvanising the whole world to witness the hardships of the genocide,” she added.
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