Qatar, represented by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), and Romania, represented by the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM), signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to co-operate in the field of electronic communications.

The MoU was signed in Bucharest, Romania, by Engineer Ahmad Abdulla al-Muslemani, president of CRA, and Valeriu Ștefan Zgonea, president of ANCOM, in the presence of Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu.

The MoU reflects the two parties’ recognition of the significance of cooperation in the field of electronic communications and their desire for a fruitful, solid partnership in respect to electronic communications policy.

As outlined in the MoU, both parties will cooperate in areas of common interest, which include satellite regulation policy, including monitoring satellite frequencies and other regulatory aspects of electronic communications. This collaboration will take place through several means, including meetings, seminars, training courses, and workshops.

Additionally, it involves sharing expertise, best practices, and relevant technical information, as well as exchanging views and, as appropriate, co-ordinating common positions and procedures within international organisations, along with other forms of co-operation that may suit both parties.

Al-Muslemani emphasised that the MoU reflects Qatar’s commitment to enhancing international cooperation and developing the telecommunications sector to achieve sustainable development and technological advancement.

He said, “We believe in the importance of effective international cooperation for exchanging experiences and knowledge, as demonstrated in this MoU, which strengthens our relations with Romania and opens new avenues for cooperation in the field.”

He added that the MoU is part of the CRA’s efforts to support Qatar National Vision 2030 and its goals, highlighting the importance of creating a balance between an oil-based and a knowledge-based economy, helping diversify the country’s economy, and guaranteeing a stable and sustainable business environment.
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