The Doha Film Institute on Sunday unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival, the recipients of its 2024 Spring Grants cycle. A total of 44 films from 17 countries have been chosen, a statement said.

To date, more than 850 film projects from 75 countries have benefited from the programme that supports feature and short narratives, documentaries, essays and experimentals, as well as TV and web series.

In addition to Qatar, recipients of the 2024 Spring Grants include film projects from Algeria, China, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia along with first-time grantees from Malta, South Korea and Tajikistan.

Recipients include 25 women filmmakers and 14 returning grantees, along with six projects from Qatar-based talent.

Fatma Hassan Alremaihi, CEO of the DFI, said: “The founding objective of our Grants programme is to build a new collective of authentic voices who bring diversity and depth to the medium of cinema and encourage cross-cultural exchange and dialogue. Our aim is to identify new talent, amplify globally resonant stories and develop a robust ecosystem that nurtures powerful and moving storytelling to help emerging filmmakers realise their creative aspirations.”

The 2024 Spring Grants recipients are: Middle East and North Africa (Mena) – Feature Narrative – Development: Al-Dana (Qatar) by Nora al-Subai; Running With Beasts (Lebanon, Czech Republic, Qatar) by Leila Basma; Mena - Feature Narrative – Production: Marie and Jolie (Tunisia, France, Qatar) by Erige Sehiri; Sound of Silence (Lebanon, France, Greece, UK, Qatar) by Joyce A Nashawati.

Mena - Feature Narrative – Post-Production: To a Land Unknown (Palestine, UK, Greece, Netherlands, France, Germany, Qatar) by Mahdi Fleifel; Yunan (Syria, Germany, Canada, Italy, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) by Ameer Fakher Eldin; The Settlement (Egypt, France, Germany, Qatar) by Mohamed Rashad; Nomadish (Morocco, Hungary, Qatar) by Yassine Marco Marroccu; Agora (Tunisia, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) by Ala Eddine Slim.

Non-Mena – Feature Narrative – Post-Production: Żejtune (Malta, Germany, Qatar) by Alex Camilleri; The Botanist (China, Qatar) by Jing Yi; Another Birth (Tajikistan, US, Germany, Qatar) by Isabelle Kalandar; Horizon (Colombia, France, Luxembourg, Chili, Qatar) by César Augusto Acevedo; Tale Of The Land (Indonesia, The Philippines, Qatar) by Loeloe Hendra; The Fin (South Korea, Germany, Qatar) by Syeyoung Park.

Mena – Feature Documentary – Experimental/Essay – Development: Flying Elephants (Lebanon, France, Qatar) by Mona Khaouli; Just Like a Dream (Lebanon, Qatar) by Corine Shawi; Road Trip (Morocco, France, Qatar) by Linda Qibaa; Speak Image, Speak (Palestine, Germany, Qatar) by Pary El-Qalqili.

Mena - Feature Documentary – Production: Flower of the Sands (Morocco, Qatar) by Jaouad Babili; Climbing the Mountains (Algeria, France, Germany, Qatar) by Sabrina Chebbi. Mena - Feature Documentary – Post-Production: She Was Not Alone (Iraq, Saudi Arabia, US, Qatar) by Hussein al-Asadi; Those Who Watch Over (Morocco, Belgium, Qatar) by Karima Saidi; Ground Zero (Palestine, Qatar) a collective shorts project with 22 directors from Gaza; Moondove (Lebanon, Netherlands, Qatar) by Karim Kassem.

Non-Mena – Feature Documentary – Post-Production: Cutting Through Rocks (Iran, Germany, Qatar) by Sara Khaki and Mohammad Reza Eyni; Requiem for a Tribe (Iran, Spain, Qatar) by Marjan Khosravi.

Mena – TV Series – Development: Badr on the Moon (Qatar, Jordan) by Aisha al-Jaidah and Kholoud al-Ali; Last Words (Lebanon, Canada, Qatar) by Antoine Waked; Palmyra (Lebanon, France, Qatar) by Carol Mezher and Gabriela Flores; Rent-a-Mama (Lebanon, Canada, Qatar) by Dania Bdeir; The Dry Kingdom (Jordan, US, Qatar) by Dana J Atrach; Echoes (Lebanon, Qatar) by Marie-Rose Osta.

Mena - Web Series – Production: El'Sardines (Algeria, France, Qatar) by Zoulikha Tahar. Mena – Shorts – Narrative – Development: Before the Day Breaks (Qatar) by Amal al-Muftah; If Only (Qatar) by Ali al-Anssari.

Mena - Shorts – Narrative – Production: Little Man (Morocco, France, Qatar) by Hajri Gachouch; Salted Skins (Lebanon, France, Canada, Qatar) by Nicolas Fattouh; The Heaviness of Absence (Syria, Germany, Qatar) by Jalal Maghout; Zizou (Egypt, Qatar) by Khaled Moeit; Eman (Qatar) by Maha al-Thani; Please Pause (Qatar) by Lulwa al-Thani.

Mena - Shorts Documentary – Production: The Star (Lebanon, Qatar) by Ingrid El Zoghby; Another Day Shall Come (Palestine, Qatar) by Aida Kaadan.
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