As the Vietnamese ambassador Tran Duc Hung is set to conclude his service in Qatar, he stressed that bilateral relations between Qatar-Vietnam have a strong potential for more co-operation in all fields to further strengthen the friendly relations between the nations on all levels.

He said: "I arrived in Doha especially at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Three years is not a long period but exciting for me to live, work and meet people here in Doha. As a professional diplomat, I have got experiences in different parts of the world from Singapore, the US and now Qatar. Along with friends in Qatar in my last posting here, I gained great and unforgettable experiences.

"In the first year of my posting during the pandemic time, diplomatic activities were implemented in restricted ways, but somehow Vietnam-Qatar relations have been maintained and developed successfully. Right after the end of the pandemic, the number of Vietnamese enterprises coming to Qatar to explore investment opportunities has been rapidly increasing. Two big Vietnamese companies also held a number of activities to promote tourism between Vietnam and Qatar.

"In recent years, Vietnam-Qatar relations have made progress in multifaceted fields. The exchange of visits at various high levels from both sides’ leadership has cemented bilateral relations between the two countries. Especially, the agreement on a mutual visa exemption for diplomatic official and special passport holders was signed in August 2022 and then put into effect in September 2023. This has created more favourable conditions for boosting bilateral relations. "

He stressed that "economic co-operation has been enhanced with the two-way trade volume increasing from $400-500mn to around $770mn. The Embassy also co-operated with a number of Vietnamese companies to participate in AgriteQ 2023 at Expo 2023 Doha with their top agricultural products such as rice, pepper, cashew nuts, agarwood and others."

Besides, he said Petro Viet Nam has taken part in a number of energy- related service and LNG contracts with its Qatar counterparts. Vietnam has provided Qatar with 500 skilled labourers in such fields as energy, construction, and others.

"It is one of our priorities to develop bilateral labour co-operation, which meets the current demand of Qatar," stressed the ambassador.

He further noted that "Qatar Airways is operating successfully in Vietnam. Qatar Investment Authority has invested hundreds of millions of US dollars into the Vietnamese market. Last year, Vietnam and Qatar celebrated the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Accordingly, the Embassy of Vietnam held a variety of cultural events from film screening to art performance."

The envoy remarked that such events bring people of both countries closer together. Eventually, he concluded that Qatar is a safe, advanced, well-organised and peaceful country with excellent living standards that that promotes coexistence among different people.
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